Sunday, April 1, 2012

Public Gold is the best!

Public Gold, an alternative form of investment Thinking about investing? Stock Market? A house or property? Gold? Yes, gold offers secure value and is easy to invest.   Gold acts as a reliable “store of value” because it fulfils the functions of money. It is portable and divisible. Its weight is a good measurement of a unit of value. It is indestructible, relatively scarce and cannot be “manufactured”. It is easily recognisable and acceptable as a form of payment.   A little bit about gold... Historically, the value of national currencies rises and falls but the value of gold remains, remarkably stable. Gold is an asset that does not depend upon governments or corporations promise to repay. It is not directly affected by the policies in any country and it cannot be repudiated or frozen, as in the case of assets. How to Invest The Public Gold is priced at the daily gold market rate. The price is quoted daily and pegged to the international gold price to facilitate buying and selling. The Public Gold can be purchased  individually or as a set. Easy to buy, sell and store, Public Gold Gold Bullion Bar can be purchased at 10 gram, 20 gram, 50 gram and 100 gram while Public Gold Gold Coin can be purchased at 50 gram. You can view a bit of gold at Key Benefits 1) To earn potentially higher return from appreciation in gold price. 2) Small difference between selling and buying prices. 3) Affordable initial purchase and subsequent investment. 4) Gold is the best possible hedge against inflation. 5) Alternative investment avenue to build up personal gold portfolio which is cheaper compared to invest in gold jewellery as the latter will incur additional cost on workmanship.  

I'm back!!!!!

Watch out for my new entries later!!! With new spirit, new working life, new house n so many thing in my life.... Do anyone want to know how to achieve that!!!!

I'm back!!!!

Hi All!!!! Woowwwwww!!!!!spider web here n there...lucks!!! I'm back to clean it up..ffuuuuhhhhhhhh......wait for my new entries! More on how to increase our assets......

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New AwareneSS!!!

Now i know, it is hard to find a job in this economy situation. However we as youth could not just let it go but we must try our best to any job that suite OURSELF not our QUALIFICATION.

I have tried so many company.. still not my 'rezeki' yet. But, 4 my frens, let me give some of the company.. in this mean time that i remember are:

1. Intel (Penang)
2. Scomi Engineering
3. Biochem Industries (Penang)
4. Grand Berryl Sdn. Bhd (Penang)
5. Continental Automotive Components Sdn. Bhd (Penang)
6. Ripcol Sdn. Bhd
7. TM
8. Osram
9. Dyson
10. Western Digital (WD)
11. Rapid KL, Rapid Penang
12. E-Idaman Sdn. Bhd
13.  hmmmm.. let me think......??? see ya in the next post!!!
14. Wait for more information through this blog.

Monday, August 24, 2009

!!!in the middle of training...!!!

woowwww... unrealize i've come till in middle of the training. the most unforgetable memory was rafting at kampar river and caving at Gua Kandu.It was very exciting experience. Rafting was the best thing that i have ever experience in my life.. soooo great!!! u know what the instructor there are very handsome guy and friendly.. the rafting company came from sabah n base on perak and mmmmm.... i forgot la.. next time i will post later details about the rafting company.

for first time rafting, i feel very excited to that again.. hopefully you also get the same feelings about that..

Thursday, July 9, 2009

BZ again with GEMS PRogram..

hi all, sowi blog ni cm x menarik jer.. bw, i will enter GEMS program. for your information please visit

hope this link bleh bantu under graduate student yg blom kjer lg... slmt mncuba ha..